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 His first appointment at Cincinnati Children's Brachial Plexus Center was in September, Steven was 3 months old. He had to have an EMG. For those of you who don't know what that is, it required 9 needles connected to electrical wires inserted into his muscles in his right arm. Steven was given a medication to help make him "loopy" but it didn't help with the pain and he showed it. I had to hold him while the Doctor inserted the needles to do the test. It was much more difficult to do than I had prepared myself for. After the EMG we met with the group of Doctors/nurses/therapists to discuss Steven's injury and the steps that needed to be taken to get his range of motion back.
Getting some fresh air after the EMG

 Steven is 5 months old. The OT has started putting Kinesio tape from his shoulder blade down to his wrist just below his pinky. I noticed him using his arm more that same day! The tape seems to be doing an excellent job "reminding" him to use his right arm.

Steven's second appointment at Cincinnati Brachial Plexus Center was much less traumatic! We met with Steven's "team" and discussed his progress.  They said they were very optimistic about his recovery and at that time, the 6 month mark, he did not need to have surgery! Praise God! However, with Brachial Plexus injuries, nothing is really predictable. He could progress rapidly at first and then plateau.

Our happy baby boy in the car on our way home! The moment when I took this picture I was thinking about how blessed we are to have such a blessing in our lives.  Of course I wish he didn't have to struggle with this injury, but I know that in His time, God will show us His plans for Steven. 

Steven is 7 months old in this picture.  This is his 2nd OT working with reaching up. This therapist comes to our home twice a month. It is nice having someone work with him here at home. We love both of his therapists!

Steven is 8 months old in this picture with one of his Occupational Therapists. It's hard to see, but he is picking up a block that is inside a bowl. His therapist is thrilled with the progress he continues to make. He loves going to therapy and has developed a slight "crush" on the speech therapist that works in the same office as the OT. 

 3/20/12  We are at the Cincinnati Brachial Plexus Center waiting on the team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Counselors, etc. to evaluate Steven for his 9 month check-up. 
   They said he is recovering well enough for now that they aren't recommending surgery but we have to come back in 4 months for another check-up and they will make the "final" decision then! YAY!!

Heading back to Uncle Anthony and Aunt Amanda's house to get Lillian. They live just outside Cincinnati, it is nice to get to visit with them when we have appointments there.  We are all happy about the great news! The "waiting game" between the appointments is stressful, but hearing the great news each time is bliss! The next appointment in 4 months they will be checking to see if he has external rotation of his right arm. If he does, then he won't have to have any nerve transfers. We will be working EXTRA hard on that one these next few months!

8/21/2012  Steven is now 14 months old. We had an appointment last month with Cin. Children's BP Center. They continue to think he is doing well recovering and he wouldn't be a good candidate for surgery at this time! We had a lot of questions at this appointment and they were great about answering all of them. We want to do whatever it takes to give Steven the greatest chance for a full recovery and if surgery can do that, then we will do it. They said their hope is that the children who have surgery will be able to have as much range of motion that he already has right now.  He continues to improve each time they see him. I have read stories about kids that end up needing bone and muscle surgeries later on in life because of the lack of growth and growth deformities during the nerve healing process.  As always, it's just a waiting game... 
       The picture was taken during OT yesterday.  He loves this place!  It is becoming more difficult to do therapy with him now that he is so mobile and has his own agenda! His OT is awesome and she just moves on from one toy to the next to keep up with his attention span! Hopefully within the next few weeks we can start Aquatic Therapy and E-Stim Therapy. We are having issues with insurance right now.  They said they don't "typically" cover aquatic therapy... his doctor had to submit a "Predetermination Letter" for them to review. We should hear back in 7-10 business days! 

10/15/2012    I can't figure out how to get the picture straight so you have to turn you head to see him but... YAY! We got into Aquatic Therapy and our insurance is covering it!!! Here he is with his therapist in the water. You can barely see his little head and white shirt ;)  He has had 5 therapy sessions so far and this past one he actually started to enjoy it! I have noticed he feels more relaxed and is able to use his Right arm to reach for things more without as much compensation since we started AT.  I love seeing results and I can't wait to start doing this therapy with him on my own.  


1/02/2013 Steven is receiving e-stim (electrostimulation) and HIVAMAT (deep electrostatic massage) treatments 2-3 times a week.  He has to sit still for about an hour during his appointments and that is hard work for an 18 month old! We bring plenty of books, and toys and they have several toys there as well. He has only had 2 sessions so I haven't noticed a difference yet but I have high hopes that this will help improve his muscle strength. I have read wonderful things about e-stim for BPI and other families say that it really helps as well.

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